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Mayor Joe Riley with some of the charter members signing the SCSPLS Coastal Chapter into order (1980)

Mayor Joe Riley with some of the charter members signing the SCSPLS Coastal Chapter into order (1980)

The Coastal Chapter of the South Carolina Society of Professional Land Surveyors was organized in the Fall of 1980.  Charter members decided that local surveyors near the Charleston region needed representation within the state society.  The first meetings were held at Carey Hillard's off of Rivers Avenue in North Charleston as a central location for the Dorchester, Berkeley, and Charleston counties.  Since its beginning, Coastal Chapter members have met the last Tuesday of each month for fellowship, networking, and professional development.  We are incredibly fortunate that some of the charter members are still in attendance today!  For a list of past presidents and charter members, please scroll down our "about us" page below.


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Coastal Chapter Constitution

SCSpls Coastal chapter constitution


Chapter Officers


President 2019-2020

John T. Byrnes III, PLS

Mr. Byrnes is a seasoned professional land surveyor with Seamon Whitesides + Associates.  He has been a part of this particular company since the 1980s when it was known as Southeastern Surveying.


The President shall be the chief executive officer of the Chapter and guide its functions, presiding at all meetings of the Chapter and Board of Directors.  He/She shall appoint the Chairperson and members of all committees.  The President shall be an ex-officio member of all committees.  He/she shall have no vote in any matter being addressed by the chapter, provided however, in the event of a tie, he/she shall cast the deciding vote.  He/she shall provide the Secretary-Treasurer with a copy of all official correspondence, which he/she receives for the permanent record of the chapter.  He/she shall be responsible for the activities of all committees.  He/she shall solicit input from the other officers on the agenda fro each meeting.


President-elect 2020-2021

The President-Elect shall, in the absence or disability of the President, perform the duties and exercise the powers of the President.  The President-Elect shall perform additional duties as may be requested by the President.  The President-Elect shall, in the absence or disability of the President, perform the duties and exercise the powers of the President.  The President-Elect shall perform additional duties as may be requested by the President.  He/she shall serve as Chapter Historian and maintain a current list of Past Presidents and have it as well as a list of the Charter Members published and copies made available at the first Chapter meeting of the fiscal year.  He/she shall assist the president on the agenda of each meeting.



Past President 2018-2019

Lewis Smith Moore, PLS

Lewis Moore has worked for Forsberg Engineering & Surveying for over 30 years where he acts as the head surveying coordinator for the company.  Mr. Moore is a Professional Land Surveyor in the state of SC (#21621) and has also served as the President of the Coastal Chapter from 2005-2006.


The immediate Past President shall serve as Chairman of the Nominating Committee and shall perform additional duties as may be requested by the President.  He/she shall serve as Chapter Parliamentarian and be conversant with the Rules of Order.



Secretary & Treasurer 2019-2020

Kevin Thewes, PLS, CFM


The Secretary-Treasurer shall keep an accurate record of the proceedings of the Chapter and Board of Directors, have charge of the records, and supervise the conduct of the Chapter correspondence giving all required notices.  He/she shall keep minutes of all Chapter meetings and have it published prior to the following meeting.  He/she shall mail/email before April 15th, the current year ballots for the election of officers to each member in good standing.  He/she shall have a list of Officers, Directors, and Committees prepared and published with the Chapter meeting minutes.  He/she shall have custody of all books, papers, moneys, records, and securities.  He/She shall deposit same as directed by the President and make all legal and required disbursements from the funds of the Chapter.  He/she shall keep full and accurate records of the finances of the chapter and submit all required statements of amounts to the Chapter with the Chapter meeting minutes.


SCSPLS Coastal Chapter Directors

directors 2018-2020: Todd phillips, michael hardy, lee howell, danny forsberg

directors 2017-2019: Chris coggin, robert dean, bill seaborn, william weathers

Directors 2016-2018: Todd Phillips, Michael Hardy, Lee Howell, Kevin Thewes

Directors 2015-2017: Lewis Moore, Tim Henderson, Tim Maull, Sandy Peabody

SCSPLS Distrct Director: Chuck Dawley

SCSPLS Coastal Chapter Representative: D. Scott Wilson, PLS

SCSPLS Coastal Chapter Committees

Public relations committee - Dave Franklin (2018-2019 Chair), jESSICA MYERS (CO-CHAIR, SOCIAL MEDIA COORDINATOR)

Public Relations Committee shall be in charge of adopting programs that will better inform the public and enhance the image of the Surveyor in the eyes of the public.  They shall coordinate activities with the State Society in connection with the promotion of National Surveyor's Week.

Membership Committee

Membership Committee shall work toward the goal of enlisting every registered active surveyor as member of the Chapter and act on applications for membership.  They shall have a complete roster of the membership prepared annually and shall maintain a membership record showing the accounts of each member of the Chapter.  They shall send a dues notice to each member at the end of the fiscal year.

Activities and programs committee - chuck Dawley (2018-2019 chair)

Activities and Programs Committee shall assist the President by planning and carrying out activities and programs of all meetings.  They shall coordinate a program for each Chapter meeting and it should be of topics related to surveying of the business of surveying.

Legal and legislative committee - curtis lybrand (2018-2019 Chair)

Legal and Legislative Committee shall insure that all activities of the Chapter are within laws, ordinances, and regulations.  They shall maintain liaison with state and local governments, aiding and advising whenever possible in establishing or amending rules and regulations that govern the practice of surveying.  They shall monitor, in coordination with the State Society, the State Legislature for bills of interest to surveyors and report to the Chapter.

Ethics and standards committee

Ethics and Standards Committee shall assist as needed in the application of the Minimum Standards Manual and have a current edition at all Chapter meetings.  They shall promote professionalism among the membership.

constitution and by-laws committee - Ronnie tyler (2018-2019 Chair)

Constitution and By-Laws Committee shall oversee the activities of the Chapter as they relate to the Constitution and By-Laws and shall assist the Board of Directors as needed in proposing changes to the rules and organization.  They shall review any constitutional questions which may arise and report to the Board of Directors.  They shall review any changes or revisions to the Constitution or By-Laws at the state level.  They shall have a current edition of the State Society and the Coastal Chapter Constitution and By-Laws at each Chapter meeting.  They shall have the Coastal Chapter Constitution and By-Laws published and copies made available at the first Chapter meeting of the fiscal year.

Education committee - kevin schwacke (2018-2019 Chair)

Education Committee shall provide programs and seminars to help the practicing surveyor increase his knowledge and develop professionally.  They shall maintain active communications with schools and colleges teaching surveying and mapping

SCSPLS Coastal Chapter Presidents

1980-1981   Joel Porcher
1981-1982   Joel Porcher
1982-1983   Sammy Harrelson
1983-1984   Sammy Harrelson
1984-1985   Curtis Lybrand
1985-1986   Curtis Lybrand
1986-1987   Gary Stroble
1987-1988   Ronnie Tyler
1988-1989   Ronnie Tyler
1989-1990   Elliotte Quinn
1990-1991   Elliotte Quinn
1991-1992   Tom Bessent
1992-1993   Larry Kennerty
1993-1994   Bud Anderson
1994-1995   David Spell
1995-1996   Roger Jennings
1996-1997   Bobby King
1997-1998   David Huff
1998-1999   Joe Priestner
1999-2000   Billy Ferguson
2000-2001   Dean Britt
2001-2002   Larry Kennerty
2002-2003   Pudgie Mason
2003-2004   Lee Frank
2004-2005   Jeff Cooper
2005-2006   Lewis Moore
2006-2007   Kevin Schwacke
2007-2008   Tim Maull
2008-2009   Tim Henderson
2009-2010    Chuck Dawley
2010-2011     Frankie Manhardt
2011-2012     Mike Johnson
2012-2013     Perry Gerard
2012-2013     Nancy Frasure (Schwacke)
2013-2014     Chuck Dawley
2014-2015     Chuck Dawley
2015-2016     Curtis Lybrand
2016-2017     Scott Wilson
2017-2018     Sandy Peabody
2018-2019     Lewis Moore
2019-2020 John T. Byrnes III.

SCSPLS Coastal Chapter Charter Members

*J. O'Hear SAnders, #499
*Moses Kenyon Millard, #635
*George A.Z. Johnson, #1894
*Thomas W. Bailey, #2006
*Lloyd S. Moore Jr., #2322
C. Roger Jennings, #2960
*Paul Clubreath Wash, #3012
W. Gene Whetsell, #3131
Joel P. Porcher, #3523
Albert Heatley Jr., #3973
William C. Boineau, #4173
*Hager E. Metts, #4183
Rober L. Hies, #4551
Thomas William Kennedy Jr., #4571
Samuel H. Harrelson, #4770
Charlie C. Chewning Jr., #4868
Curtis W. Lybrand, Jr., #5770
Andrew Cleveland Gillette, #5933
Kenrick A. Mahoney, #6271
*Daniel E. Clark, #6670
Bobby Jack King, #6947
Homer P. Mason, #6951
Charles A. Rawls, #7345
William Porcher, #7407
Thomas L. Evans, #7617
James L. Owen Jr., #7624
Josiah McKenn Williams III, #7626
David Eugene Huff, #8100
Thomas B. Richardson, #8612
*Dillard A. Turner, #8811
John r. Poole III, Associate
Richard J. Rhode, Associate
Ronnie L. Tyler, Associate